Manuscript Brands Partners with Tom’s Studio as New Distributor

Manuscript Pen Company Ltd is pleased to announce the addition of Tom’s Studio to their carefully curated ‘Manuscript Brands’ distribution portfolio. Tom’s Studio offers a unique product range with captivating pen designs, engineered to perfection, and with a creative flair that is truly unique to Tom’s Studio.

"We are proud to bring Tom's Studio products to the UK market as a great addition to our portfolio," said Charlie Stockbridge, the Managing Director of Manuscript Pen Company." We're delighted to be partnering with Tom's Studio to bring their distinctive designs to our customers. We believe that Tom's Studio's focus on quality and creativity aligns perfectly with Manuscript's vision, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this exciting collaboration."

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Stationery Matters Award Finalists

We are delighted to announce that five of our products have been selected as Stationery Matters Award Finalists across five categories as below:

1) Pininfarina Segno Modula - selected as a finalist in the writing instrument of the year category.

2) Pininfarina Segno Banksy Girl with Balloon Notebook - selected as a finalist in the Notebook/Journal of the year category.

3) LEGO® Iconic Notebook with Gel Pen – Minifigure theme - selected as a finalist in the Novelty stationery product of the year category.

4) LEGO® Star Wars Light Saber Gel Pen 10 pack - selected as a finalist in the Licensed stationery product of the year category.

5) artPOP! 48 Premium Watercolour Pencils in tub - selected as a finalist in the Arts & Crafts product of the year category.

Winners in each of these categories will be announced on the 16th of May 2023 at the London Stationery Show. We hope to see you there! And in the meantime for more information on any of our collections Contact Us to find out more.



We're Exhibiting at the London Stationery Show

Visit us at the London Stationery Show 16th - 17th May on our stands M212 and M110.

Discover what’s new at Manuscript, including our new Plastic Free Packaging launching across much of our core calligraphy and stationery ranges in 2023. Learn about some of the key brands we represent, including our own proprietary brands as well as some of our carefully curated distribution brands including; Sheaffer, LEGO Stationery, Keychain Lights and Bag tags, artPOP!, The Lionheart Tales and many more.

Contact Us to book an appointment or just pop by our stand. See you there! 

[MAY 23]

Manuscript Brands launches plastic free packaging

Manuscript Pen Company Ltd is excited to announce the launch of its globally recognised calligraphy products with new plastic free packaging. The sought-after product range will no-longer feature single-use plastic clam packaging, instead, Manuscript’s much loved calligraphy products will be presented in 100% recyclable cardboard offering a sustainable packaging solution.

The 'Modern Heritage' concept inspires each Manuscript collection, blending old and new elements to produce a unique assortment that combines Manuscript's traditional colour schemes with a contemporary twist. Manuscript's calligraphy product lines, include Classic Fountain Pen Calligraphy, Modern Calligraphy, Traditional Dip Pen Calligraphy, Callicreative Italic Markers, Heritage, and Everyday Stationery, showcase sleek designs, striking graphics, and captivating lifestyle imagery.

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Opera Gold: Launching in Three New Designs, by Visconti

Opera Gold is the latest design in the Visconti Opera Collection. Designed by Florentine based pen artisans Visconti and now available in three new colours (blue, red and black); each a tribute to Opera composers, Verdi, Puccini, Mozart and Rossini.

Mavel at the incredibly opulent designs; each lavishly complimented with gold powder marbling in the pen body, a gold plated trim, and a large yellow gold plated stainless steel nib - all for a luxurious writing experience by Visconti.

Inspiration is an awakening, an escape from all human faculties, and is manifested in all great artistic achievements.Giacomo Puccini

Contact our team to find out more about Visconti's collection.


The Latest Innovation by Diplomat, Nexus

None of Diplomat's other products have such a high level of connection between technical innovations and ergonomic design, introducing Diplomat's 'Nexus.' Diplomat's refillable piston system with a capacity of more than 7 ink cartridges promises long-lasting writing pleasure.

The cap’s innovative closure system offers 100% secure leak protection, even on an aeroplane. In fact Diplomat's latest writing instrument comes with a special storage case and an easy-to-use refill system. The Nexus impresses with its perfect balance of elegant, classic style and of course a reliable Diplomat writing experience. 

Contact our team to find out more about Diplomat's collection.


A Bold Colour Launch in the Popular Ritma Collection, by Monteverde

Monteverde USA® is proud to introduce the third Ritma Special Annual Collectible Edition in Anodized Orange. An annual event with a new colour once a year!

The Ritma™ special collectible edition is inspired by the minimalist movement of the 1960’s and 70’s, with its clean lines and straightforward designs. Machined to perfection using a mixture of steel, brass and aluminum, the Ritma™ boasts a streamlined design from magnetic cap top to back post, perfect for those who prefer a well-balanced and heavyweight pen.

Each aluminum barrel is anodized and treated with a matte finish, resulting in a muted pop of orange colour that is soft to the touch and beautifully accentuated with polished gunmetal accents. Together making the Ritma Anodized Orange not only beautiful but a joy to write with!

Contact our team to find out more about Monteverde's collection.


Conklin Present the New Elegant Symetrik

In today’s modern take on this classic, Conklin is proud to present smooth and continuous design making the new Symetrik model one to adore. Unlike the original darker color tones offered in the 1930s Symetrik collection, newly introduced transparent colors feature a unique delicate pattern, and appear vibrant and rich.

Using a high-quality resin mix, three gorgeous transparent colours were created to enhance the elegance of the collection: Amber, Blue, and White. Built and designed with attention to detail and using durable materials, Symetrik is made to produce an exceptional writing performance that will stand the test of time.

Contact our team to find out more about Conklin's collection.


A New Launch by Visconti  Homo Sapiens Lotus-Garden

The Visconti Lotus-Garden is a stunning addition to this year’s Homo Sapiens Demonstrator Collection - launching January, 2023. 

Lilac, white and green, the colours of the Lotus flower and its leaves, are accented by this year’s new black trim of the Lotus-Garden Homo Sapiens Demonstrator. A new design, available in both fountain pen and rollerball, each with a captivating pen body which recalls the flower’s reflection in dark pond water. This impeccably hand-crafted pen with its finely detailed metal fittings is a prestigious addition to Visconti's HS demonstrator collection.

Contact our team to find out more about Visconti's collection.


Manuscript Brands extends portfolio with artPOP!

Manuscript Pen Company Ltd is expanding their brand portfolio with the addition of artPOP! as the new UK and Ireland distributor. This appointment bolsters their carefully selected existing product portfolio.

artPOP! is a fresh, modern art brand that features bold, clean lines and a signature colour scheme of magenta. With artPOP!, users can create works of art that are truly unique. The brand offers a wide range of art products, including infinity markers, paints, pencils, brushes and more. artPOP! products are all housed in design-led packaging that sets this brand apart on the shelf!

“We are proud to be able to bring artPOP! products to the UK market as a great addition to our portfolio,” said Manuscript Pen Company Managing Director, Charlie Stockbridge.

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Manuscript Brands launches gamification ready for Christmas

Manuscript Pen Company is once again bolstering its offering with the launch of two brand-new themed games just in time for Christmas. The interactive games 12 days of Christmas and Ralphy saves Christmas launched on 1st December 2022. The luxury stationery brand has used its carefully selected existing product portfolio to engage with a captive audience on a brand-new level.

Charlie Stockbridge, managing director at Manuscript Pen Company, said: “We are really excited to be branching out into the interactive games field. This is a fantastic opportunity and great fit for us, we can continue to illustrate our product range and engage with our customers like never before.

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[NOV 22]

Divina Dario Argento - a Limited Edition model by Visconti

The latest model in Visconti's Divina Collection is the NEW Divinia Dario Argento. Inspired by Dario Argento himself, a worldwide Italian film Director, producer and screenwriter who is recognised worldwide as the master of thrill. Darios's way of narrating the world inspired the collaboration with Visconti's artisans to create a gloomy but exquisitely elegant pen. A definite collector's item. 

Dario Argento is the latest design in the Divina Elegance model, crafted by Visconti using acrylic resin which gives a mother-of-pearl effect, with silver threads, manually inserted one by one. On the cap is set a carnelian, a red stone. Limited edition to 50 pieces.

Contact Us to find out more about the new Divina Dario Argento by Visconti. 

[NOV 22]

Visconti launches a new collection inspired by Greek Mythology

Visconti presents a brand new collection with a "divine" look; Apollo, Zeus and Aphrodite are the Greek Mythological inspiration behind Mirage Mythos. 

Apollo: God of the arts, music, poetry and science.

Zeus: King of the gods and ruler of Mount Olympus.

Aphrodite: Goddess of love and beauty. 

This is a new Mirage by Visconti with innovations that distinguish it at first glance from the classic Mirage model such as; the large steel nib (yellow gold plated), the central section made of brass instead of resin, but above all the central ring, on which is engraved the inscription MYTHOS and the V, similar to a stylised Mount Olympus

Contact Us to find out more about the new Mirage Mythos collection by Visconti. 

[NOV 22]

NEW Nexus by Diplomat with Unique Anti-Leaking Closing System

Manuscript is pleased to present to the UK Market, the new NEXUS by German pen experts Diplomat. 

WIth a patent pending, the NEXUS is a new innovation by Diplomat. Using a piston system that is filled with an eyedropper, Diplomat has develeoped a closing system to ensure the sealed separation between the barrel and the nib section. With this design, just closing the pen ensures perfect anti leaking, even in planes, keeping the pleasure of the high capacity of the reservoir. The reservoir holds more than the equivalent ml measurement of 7 standard ink cartridges, meaning your NEXUS pen will be a go to trusty pen wherever you are. Boxed and complete with an easy filling kit for your writing pleasure. 

Contact Us to find out more about the Diplomat collection.

[OCT 22]

Manuscript Brands extends portfolio with iconic Sheaffer brand

Manuscript Pen Company is once again bolstering an ever-growing luxury stationery collection with a new appointment to their carefully selected existing product portfolio, as they have been appointed UK and Ireland distributor for Sheaffer.

The story of Sheaffer began over 100 years ago with a big idea from a visionary thinker. Walter Sheaffer, a skilled jeweller by trade, had an eye for detail and a mind for invention. In the small back room of his father’s Iowa jewellery store, Sheaffer developed and patented a revolutionary fountain pen that improved the writing experience for pen users. After more than 100 years, Sheaffer continues to deliver a unique writing experience for pen enthusiasts. The legendary White Dot designed into every Sheaffer pen is an enduring symbol of quality, prestige and performance and features in every model today. [Continued.. Click here to read the full press release.] 

Contact Us to find out more about the Sheaffer collection.

[OCT 22]

Brand new guise for Visconti in Rembrandt-S line

Introducing Visconti's NEW Rembrandt-S line (RRP from £185) in the ever-collectable Rembrandt range. Visconti has created a pen with a show stopping design that not only combines innovative design with bold aesthetics, but also pays tribute to Rembrandt, icon of the Dutch Golden Age, capturing his iconic use of chiaroscuro style.

The contrasting colours on the acrylic pen body are an eye-catching representation of how the artist captured the emotions of his subjects, honouring the work of the famous 17th century artist. The new metalwork in this collection is finished in ruthenium to accentuate the contrast with the colours of the resin, the four brand new colours being Orange, Blue, Bordeaux and Black which were often used by the artist. The ring, in particular, is finely decorated with a new engraving with a modern character. The star of this collection is the new large steel nib, finished in ruthenium and available in size Fine, Medium, Broad [Continued.. Click here to read the full press release.] 

Contact Us to find out more about the Visconti Rembrandt-S collection.

[SEPT 22]

Manuscript Brands Shines a Light On New LEGO Stationery Range

Following the overwhelming success of the LEGO Stationery 2.0 launch into the UK market in early 2022, Manuscript Brands, exclusive distributor for LEGO Stationery, Lights and Bag Tags in the UK, has once again been selected as the supply partner to expand the collection and roll out a new range into the British market.

Adding to the already popular LEGO 2.0 stationery range that launched earlier this year, the LEGO Light range features everything you would expect from the iconic brand, but now with an added assortment of products with light technology. The range includes keychain lights, book lights, head lamps and mini figure torches, and showcases themes from Star Wars, Ninjago and Mandalorian as well as other iconic characters, expanding its popularity to a wide variety of age groups. [Continued.. Click here to read the full press release.] 

Contact Us to find out more about the Lego Light collection.

[Sept 22]

Launching Chameleon’s Best Selling Product range

We are delighted to announce that we are now stocking a selection of the best-selling Chameleon product range and it’s available to order now.

Chameleon Art Products design and produce a family of professional quality, innovative art tools that will help unlock the world of colour.

Chameleon pens are beautiful quality pens that have blending properties to create near limitless colours and gradients. With it’s patented technology Chameleon Colour and Blending System offers artists and hobbyists a range of colours 'like no other.'

For a closer look at the Chameleon range please contact our team for more details.

[Sept 22]


Her Majesty The Queen, Elizabeth II

The team at Manuscript are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Her Majesty The Queen, Elizabeth II. Our thoughts and condolences are with The Royal Family and everyone around the world mourning the loss of our longest serving British monarch.

As a mark of respect, we will be closed on 19th September to give our employees the opportunity to celebrate the life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II whilst she is laid to rest.

[Sept 22]

Contact our Team to Book a Meeting - Or just pop by our stand!

We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at this year’s Autumn Fair, NEC, Birmingham - 4th to 7th September. Come and see us on Stand 6M35, Hall 6 where you will be able to see a selection of our brands, including Lego Stationery, Campo Marzio, and Printworks, as well as our own Lionheart Tales collection for yourself!

Contact Us to book an appointment or just pop by our stand, we will be delighted to see you there!

[Sept 22]

Launching the New ELOX Ring Black Purple by Diplomat

Diplomat has launched another bold colour in the popular ELOX collection for 2022.

The black purple is a new addition to the ELOX range which has been making waves since its launch. With all the quality and style of the previous pens in the collection but with a striking purple design - a colour that is exceptionally well placed for 2022, and is fitting with HRH Queen Elizabeth's 70th Jubilee! 

ELOX is an alluring design by German pen experts, Diplomat, and as one expects from Diplomat of a reliable quality. The design is exceptionally comfortable to hold, with purple rings and a striking purple section and available in fountain, roller and ball point. 

To find out more about Diplomat's ELOX range Contact our team for more details. 

[July 22]

Dakota Red by Private Reseve Ink

Check out this bold Dakota Red ink by Private Reserve Ink

Private Reserve Ink has some wonderful colours in their collections as well as a range of properties for calligraphers and lettering artists everywhere. 

Collections by Private Reserve include:

- Fast Dry Ink Collection

- Invincible Ink Collection

- Infinity Ink Collection

- Pearlescent Ink Collection

- Premium Ink Collection

- Ink Cartridges

To find out more about the range Contact our team for more details. 

[July 22]

Get Ready for World Calligraphy Day - Wednesday 10th August 2022

Manuscript Pen Company has been creating writing instruments since 1970. Now in its' fifth generation, Manuscript Pen Company is proud to be the official founder of World Calligraphy Day. Our Manuscript dip pen sets with Leonardt nibs, Manuscript fountain pens and sets, as well as our Callicreative markers are used by calligraphers and lettering artists the world over. 

To celebrate our wonderful community, join us next month and take part in World Calligraphy Day (WCD) on Wednesday 10th of August 2022. Download our World Calligraphy Day assets and encourage your customers to get involved on WCD and tag us with their creations on socials using @worldcalligraphyday & @manuscriptpenco .

And if you're looking for a link sell product, then our recent Manuscript Class Hand Lettering Set and Manuscript Class Calligraphy Set are a great choice for those looking to start or rekindle their love for all things calligraphy. 

Contact our team for more details. 

[July 22]

Conklin's Edura Deco Crest - now available in Rollerball 

Check out Conklin's new Endura Deco Crest rollerball pen, available in three colourways. Deco Crest was first launched in 1905! Now for 2022, the Endura Deco Crest is a modern edition for a timeless design that has continually been admired by pen enthusiasts across the world. A reliable pen with a stunning filigree design. 

If you'd like to know more about the new Endura Deco Crest by Conklin then Contact Us now!

[June 22]

We Won! LEGO Stationery 2.0 Wins Two Awards

It was so good to meet so many of our customers new and existing at the London Stationery Show 2022 last week! If you popped by our stand - thank you! If you missed out this year then it's not too late to Contact Us and speak to one of our team for all the latest fountain pen newness and more. A really good few days at the show were rounded off with being awarded Stationery Matters Winners in two categories as follows:


1) LEGO Colour Pencil 12 Pcs with Topper - Licenced Stationery Product of the Year

2) LEGO 2.0 Convertible Ruler with Mini Figure - Novelty Stationery Product of the Year

LEGO peaked so much interest at the show and we were delighted to be awarded winners. If you'd like to know more about the LEGO range then Contact Us now!

[May 22]

Wonder of the Pen World - Arizona Sunset

Introducing; Visconti's NEW Arizona Sunset in the ever-collectable Homo Sapiens range. Visconti has created a pen with a show stopping design that captures the natural tones of the Arizona sunset. 

The contrasting colours on the acylic pen body are an eye catching representation of the sun setting over the Grand Canyon. Look closer and the iconic barell has a transparent quality that captures the inner body of Visconti's luxurious Homo Sapiens design. 

Of course Visconti have fitted all the features that we know and love about the Homo Sapiens range including; the famous Ponte Vecchio clip, paladium plated nib, power filler double resevoir and the oh-so satisfying hook safe lock and closure mechanism. It really is a wonder how Visconti continually create show-stopping designs!

To add Visconti's Homo Sapiens Arizona Sunset to your store Contact Us now!

[May 22]

Diplomat : Celebrating a Century of Fine Writing Craftsmanship

Diplomat are celebrating 100 years in the pen industry this year! Happy Centenary Year Diplomat!!! 

We absolutely love Diplomat Pens, offering a wonderful collection of fine writing instruments that have been honed over the past 100 years and continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the 21st Century. 

2022 has seen Diplomat's release of the new ELOX in a striking blue design that will undoubtedbly be adorning many pen enthusiast's hands this year. You will also find the re-release of Diplomat's 2021's Bauhaus edition which is a fascinating design reminiscent of the Bauhaus movement that took place in Germany around the same period as Diplomat's inception.

Happy Birthday Diplomat! We can't wait to see what is next...

Contact Us to find out more abour Diplomat's range.

[May 22]

LEGO Stationery Selected as Award Finalists

We are delighted to announce that three of our Lego Stationery Products have been selected as Stationery Matters Award Finalists across three categories as below:

1) Lego Colour Pencil 12 Pcs with Topper - selected as a finalist in the Licensed stationery product of the year category.

2) Lego Locking Notebook Red - selected as a finalist in the Notebook/Journal of the year category.

3) Lego 2.0 Convertible Ruler with Minifigure - selected as a finalist in the Novelty stationery product of the year category

Winners in each of these categories will be announced on the 17th of May 2022 at the London Stationery Show. We hope to see you there! And in the meantime for more information on Lego's Iconic Stationery range Contact Us to find out more.


A NEW Visconti Demonstrator with a Difference!

The iconic Opera Master returns to the Visconti collection in a version inspired by the mysterious ice deserts of Antarctica. A beautiful contrast of colours between white and blue are depicted in the Opera Master Demo Antarctica. A Visconti Demonstrator pen with a stunning design powerfully detailing the beauty of the natural world.

To see this beautiful Limited Edition fountain pen for yourself then stop by our stand at The London Stationery Show 2022! You won't want to miss it! 

Contact Us to find out more about Visconti's new releases for 2022. 

[April 22]


Contact our Team to Book a Meeting - Or just pop by our stand!

We are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at The London Stationery Show 2022. It's been a while! We cannot wait to see you and introduce a load of newness across our favourite stationery brands. 

Check out for yourself our NEW and impressive Lego Stationery range with embedded Lego brick technology. We have the recent addition of trendy Italian pen brand Campo Marzio with a fun and bold colour palette. As well as newness in our own Manuscript Calligraphy range and across our luxury pen brands. 

Contact Us to book an appointment or just pop by our stand. See you there! 

Manuscript Team

[April 22]

A Brand for Every Coffee Table. To be played. To be displayed.

When it comes to fun and functional, Printworks know the deal! A stylish lifestyle brand from Stockholm, Sweden, with an enviable collection of games and puzzles that will bring a touch of class to any coffee table!

For 2022, Printworks has created a special edition of Printwork's Classic Chess - now in a spectacular cloud design. The pieces and board are made of wood and a thin layer of acrylic is mounted on the board’s surface giving the pieces an effective reflection. The box is made of high quality art paper with a printed cloud formation and a foil stamp in navy and white - destined to look great whichever room you accessorise!

Contact Us to explore Printworks games, puzzles and more to your store! See the new 2022 catalogue here

[March 22]

Matt Black UR Avatar - New Colourways by Pineider.

Avatar Matt Black just got a refresh. The popular glueless Fountain Pen by Pineider is a thing of understated sophistication and style. With stunning black trims the Avatar Matt black is available in a range of colourways including; Ice blue, Mint, Strawberry, Green, Cherry and beautiful Stone (as shown.) Roller, Ballpoint or Fountain Pen - whichever you prefer there is Pineider Matt Black Ultra Resin Avatar for you. 

Pineider know how to create a pen that hits all the marks from exacting design, creative flair and with the attention to detail, engineering a beautiful fine writing instrument. From the Florentine skyline that adornes the cap band, to the jet black quill clip or the precisely engineered nib - this Pineider fountain pen range has it all! 

Contact Us to add Pineider's NEW Avatar colours to your collection for 2022! Don't miss out. 

[March 22]

Elegant Hyperboloid Fountain Pen Inkwell by Visconti

The new version of the Visconti Fountain Pen Glass Inkwell evokes stability and elegance - a new launch for the revered Italian pen designer Visconti. The hyperboloid shape widens at the top for a large and convenient surface for using with a fountain pen. Inside the cap sits a cylinder that has been expertly designed to collect the necessary amount of ink for refilling and is protected by a large cap, which matches the colour of the ink - function and elegance always by Visconti.  

Contact Us to add Visconti's NEW Fountain Pen Glass Inkwell to your store. Available in black ink, blue ink, red ink, green ink, turquoise ink and sepia ink. 

[March 22]

New Monteverde Regatta with REAL Mother of Pearl

The new Monteverde Mother of Pearl Regatta limited edition pen models capture the natural beauty of Mother of Pearl. Featuring real Mother of Pearl cultured in the lagoons of Tahiti and Australia - Monteverde's new Mother of Pearl Regatta fountain pen and rollerball pen collection includes four new colourways. Available in either beautiful iridescent black or white and complemented with a trim of either rose gold or gunmetal. 

Mother of Pearl is a smooth shining natural wonder of the sea and is said to have both healing and calming properties. Enjoy the wonderous beauty of this new fountain pen collection by Monteverde. It's a limited edition so hurry quickly!

Contact Us to add Monteverde's Regatta Fountain Pen to your store.

[March 22]

'Black has more shades than any other colour'  

Fabrizio Caramagna once said 'black has more shades than any other colour.' It is of course true when you experience Visconti's beautiful black Divina Matte fountain pen. Newness for 2022 by the iconic italian pen design house, Visconti. Twist the pen in your hand to discover for yourself the wonders of the shades of black. 

For this collection Visconti started with an iconic design and placed it in a contemporary context. The bold matte black design gives the Divina a mysterious and rebellious character. A beautiful addition for any pen enthusiast or as a luxury gift for yourself or someone special. 

Contact Us to add Visconti's Divina Fountain Pen to your store.

[February 22]

Life is a Journey by Printworks: New Photo Albums Coming Soon!

Printworks has released some new and bold designs to their Photo Album Collection for 2022. Including; Life is a Journey, Life in Pictures and Life in Harmony. Designed to grace coffee tables up and down the country the Coffee Table Photo Albums are a lovely solution to keep all those pictures to hand. Stop scrolling through your phone reel to find those loved pictures and instead capture your favourite memories with a Printworks Coffee Table Photo Album. Great addition for those wanting a photo album with style. Create a talking point with all your favourite memories to share with those you love. 

Contact Us to add Printworks Collection to your store.

[February 22]

A Harmonious Design encompassing Endura and Deco Crest by Conklin

Introducing .... Endura Deco Crest™ by Conklin. The collection is available in three gorgeous colours (blue, black and orange) with three finishes (rose gold, chrome and gunmetal). Crafted from hand-made European high-grade, hand-turned and hand-polished resin, accented with metal filigree detail overlay. The barrel brilliantly reflects light off of its surface, enhancing the stunning colours. 

The first Deco Crest™ pens were manufactured by Conklin Pen Company back in 1905. Through the years the Deco Crest™ kept its place in Conklin’s collection by virtue of its beauty and durability. The Conklin Pen Company, originally released the ever successful Endura in 1924 and the Endura line continued to expand and grow. 

Contact Us to add Conklin's Endura Deco Crest to your store.

[February 22]

Visconti Launch Two New Colours in the Homo Sapiens Demo Stones Collection

Once again, this year Visconti has selected two gems to embellish the Homo Sapiens Demo Stones Collection. Mandarin Garnet and Purple Amethyst are the new colours in the ever popular Homo Sapiens range. Each Visconti Homo Sapiens Demo Stones pen is designed, manufactured and polished in Visconti’s Florentine workshop. The barrel and cap in fine acrylic resin are carefully hand polished, both inside and out with special felt tools - a process that requires the most experienced Visconti craftsmanship.

The new colours in the much loved Homo Sapiens collection are available in both fountain pen and roller ball, with a hook safe lock and all the luxury associated with the Visconti name.

Contact Us to add Visconti Homo Sapiens to your store.

[January 22]

Manuscript Brands Builds Portfolio with new Lego Stationery Products

Manuscript Brands has been selected as the Exclusive UK Distributor of a new range of exciting Lego Stationery products – adding a global brand to a carefully selected existing product portfolio.

Lego 2.0 is the new generation of Lego stationery that features everything you would expect from the iconic brand including its hallmark brick-based technology. With Lego’s universal appeal, Lego 2.0 has been cleverly branded without a specific theme, expanding its popularity to a wide variety of age groups.

The extensive range of Lego 2.0 products includes notebooks, gel pens, coloured pencils and highlighters which easily stack and build offering creative and easy storage. The convertible ruler, mechanical pencil, hard pencil case and some gel pen sets and are packaged with a traditional Lego minifigure and showcase the revered clipping technology Lego has made famous worldwide. [Continued.. Click here to read the full press release.] 

Contact Us to find out more about the Lego stationery collection.

[January 22]


Manuscript Brands say ‘Ciao’ to New Italian range Campo Marzio

Manuscript Brands has been selected as the UK Distributor of stylish Italian brand Campo Marzio based in Rome.

Featuring on-trend writing instruments and accessories, the Campo Marzio Collection offers a contemporary feel with bold vibrant colours and the kind of elegance and class you would expect from an Italian product.

Founded in Rome in 1933, Campo Marzio has been creating stationery and accessories for nearly a century. Campo Marzio has extended its collection to the UK Market offering a beautiful and affordable collection of writing instruments, stylishly packaged in Campo Marzio's bold colour palette.

Contact Us to find out more about the Campo Marzio collection.

[January 22]


Karin's Pigment DecoBrush recieves a Highly Commended Award

Karin's Pigment DecoBrush Markers received recognition at the Craft Business Awards this month in the 'Best New Products' Category. Launched by Karin in 2021, Pigment DecoBrush markers with blendable technology, recieved a 'Highly Commended' award at the prestigious event. 

Now in its 16th year, the Craft Business Awards recognises emerging and big craft brands in the crafting industry. This year, nine Elite Industry Categories including Champion Brand and Product of the Year were judged by a panel of celebrities and industry professionals, with the finalists announced on 9 December 2021.

Manuscript Brands are proud to represent Karin here in the UK and this award is testament to Karin's exceptional detail, producing beautiful pens for both beginners and professionals alike. 

To explore our Karin portfolio find out more here.

[December 21]

New jewel - NOVANTA by Pininfarina

Pininfarina NOVANTA is made entirely in Italy. We'll repeat that. The Pininfarina NOVANTA fountain pen is made entirely in Italy. An incredible accolade for the Pininfarina Segno design house. 

Using high precision micromechanic techniques, Pininfarina has created 'the perfect balance between style and function.' Once again pushing the boundaries of pen design where history and innovation collide to form a futuristic pen model. 

With a calibrated nib, Novanta ensures high performance writing in all atmospheric conditions. Crafted with an aluminium body, the new Novanta fountain pen is without doubt very distinct in its shape and form and is available in three different colourways. 

Ask our team for details.

[November 21]

Yookers Launch new Gaia collection 

Yookers have added to their popular Gaia range with three new colourways including red, black and blue marbled resins.

With clip detail and a partly transparent barrel it is an interesting design. Gaia doesn't disappoint with its smooth writing abilities. A fibre tip that can be exchanged with different tip widths to be used for precision drawing and writing. Using standard international ink cartridges Gaia has so many possibilities for creatives. A fibre tip pen that has a rainbow of ink colours available - a truly revolutionary design by Yookers. 

Ask our team for details.

[November 21]

Gift Ideas by Diplomat

Diplomat has launched a new Gift box collection. Elevating their much loved Aero and Excellence pen models and creating a stunning gift box with the addition of ink and a leather pen case.

The collection features an array of 6 different coloursways in Aero and 5 Excellence colour options. Each pen sits on a grey base with a Diplomat Octopus Ink coordinated with the pen body. Adding a touch of luxury and style is the single pen leather pouch which offers a keepsake case for pen enthusiasts everywhere. 

Style your retail counter with Diplomat Gift Boxes this Christmas.

Ask our team for details.

[November 21]

New release by Visconti ... Ember

Limited edition Ember. A new launch in the ever popular Homo Sapiens range... Ember is the latest stunning edition. A collector's piece for sure. 

Inspired by the natural spectacle of volcanic eruption comes a beautiful writing instrument by the revered Visconti. Ember is reminiscent of nature's power. With intertwining copper and carbon threads, Ember recalls the luminosity and dynamism of magma in its liquid state. A powerful design from Visconti. 

Add to your store. Just ask our team for more details. 

[October 21]

GrafeeX... Write More

We love Pininfarina's GrafeeX stylus and now launched for 2021 is Pininfarina's latest GrafeeX edition...the GrafeeX Ballpoint. 

First up; the GrafeeX pencils are an innovative product which utilises a revolutionary sintering process of single graphite particles, the GrafeeX Pencil (RRP: £20.00) transforms the concept of the traditional pencil. Resulting in a stylus that requires no lead or ink to write - offering a sustainable solution to writing by the renowned Pininfarina. 

And now launching for 2021 is the GrafeeX Ballpoint. The same minimalist sleek design as the GrafeeX pencil but also as an ink edition. 

Ask our team to stock these innovative writing instruments by Pininfarina.

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[October 21]

The Lionheart Tales has been shortlisted for an Award!

Our children's stationery brand 'The Lionheart Tales' has been nominated for a television award. 'Tummy Flutter Byes' (the first episode of four) features Benji elephant and his friends on an adventure to find his courage. 

To see more episodes in the series visit Explore the range of children's products that have been carefully designed to inspire children to put pencil (and pen) to paper and let your imagination run wild.

The RTS Midlands Award has shortlisted the first episode of The Lionheart Tales - 'Tummy Flutter Byes.' Winners will be announced on the evening on the 21st of November 2021 - World Television Day. 

Wish us luck!


Happy National Stationery Week

We are proud to be the official sponsors of National Stationery Week which has always been about writing. Something we've been doing for generations. At Manuscript Brands, we want to encourage people all over the world to not only talk about their favourite pens, pencils, notebooks...but to get people picking up their pens and grabbing a piece of paper and to begin writing. 

For 2021, Manuscript brands will be celebrating National Stationery Week by shining a light on lots of our favourite distribution brands with 'Seven Days of Stationery. ' From Monday 4th of October 2021 to Sunday 10th of October, each day will feature a key theme. Get involved each day with a series of social media hashtags to share the stationery buzz that co-incides with Manuscript Brands exhibiting at the London Stationery Show. Here are the key dates and themes for your diary: 

Monday 4th October - Make a Note Day - #makeanoteday / Tuesday 5th October - Express Yourself - #expressyourself / Wednesday 6th October - Get Creative - #getcreative / Thursday 7th October - Pen & Pencil Day - #penandpencilday / Friday 8th October - Place for Everything - #placeforeverything / Saturday 9th October - Shop Stationery Saturday - #shopstationerysaturday / Sunday 10th October - Stationery Sunday - #stationerysunday


We're Exhibiting!!! 

Manuscript Brands are excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at The London Stationery Show 2021. We will be showcasing all our favourite distribution brands inlcuding; Conklin, Centropen, Diplomat, Karin, Koh-I-Noor, Lionheart, Manuscript, Monteverde, Original Crown Mill, Pineider, Pininfarina, Printworks, Visconti, Pennline and Yookers. 

The London Stationery Show will be held at the Business Design Center in London, UK and our team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Find us at Stand M315 on Tuesday the 5th and Wednesday the 6th of October 2021 to learn more about these fantastic brands. 

We look forward to seeing you there.

Manuscript Brands  

[September 2021]

Step-By-Step Process to Create Watercolour Postcard

Step-By-Step Process to Create Watercolour Postcard

We asked our Artist of the Month Gabriela Gomez to create a new step-by-step watercolour and lettering tutorial for you all and she did not disappoint! She has put together this fun tutorial which uses two different artistic mediums, calligraphy and watercolour blending. Follow her steps below and create your very own masterpiece! Choose your own colours of choice and you can use this technique for creating any wording to your piece of artwork. We went with 'Love' because we there is never too much to go around! So, what are you waiting for? Get your brush pens ready and lets go! ...
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November's Artist of the Month... Gabriela Gomez

November's Artist of the Month... Gabriela Gomez

Manuscript are proud to announce it's latest Artist of the Month - Gabriela Gomez! A Planner by day, Gabriela was introduced to calligraphy one year ago but fell in love with art from a young age. We spoke to her to find out all about her creative journey so far, read more below... 

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Manuscript are delighted to announce another change of colour to the business, proudly becoming the sole UK & Ireland distribution team for world renowned Chameleon Art Products. ...
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Leading stationery brand, Manuscript Pen Company has extended its popular early learners writing and colouring range, The Lionheart Collection, with new products for budding young artists of all ages. ...
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With so many people forced apart due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is now more important than ever to keep connected with loved ones. Sometimes, the simplest messages can mean so much to others in challenging times, that’s why we’d like to encourage as many people as possible to get involved in our #SaySomethingSpecial campaign. ...
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Manuscript Pen Company is proud to announce the acquisition of multiple award winning Distributor, Lime Stationery & Art, and its subsidiaries in the UK. The world’s largest calligraphy brand has grown extensively over the last five years in the global market. By adding in UK Brand Distribution it will give Manuscript more diversity, strength in the domestic market and ability to grow as a business. ...
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