Conklin really know how to create a range of pens with not only functionality but design at it's very core. The sheer range of pens that Conklin release means there literally is a Conklin pen suitable for everyone. Striking bold modern aesthetic designs continue to be released which means they are perfect for the pen collecting enthusiast. But it is not just their modern styles that are loved. Conklin have pen designs that have been around for generations and continue to be enjoyed across the world today. 


Industry experts since 1856


Crafted from high grade European resins, Conklin take inspiration from iconic American landmarks, colour schemes, experiences and styles to produce vibrant, contemporary writing instruments with broad appeal.

Their designs are available as fountain pens, ballpoint pens and rollerball pens so there is something to suit all writing styles. Conklin fountain pens are available in nib grades from Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad to Omniflex and Stub and are all crafted from steel. 

Conklin continue to develop new features for their pens which solve common writing instrument problems such as refilling and offer a unique user experience.