Tom's Studio

The idea for Tom's business came from watching his wife Gemma use a plastic mass-produced calligraphy pen which he felt didn't match the quality of her beautiful work. With his background in furniture and product design which he studied at university and his experience of working in a blacksmith's forge, he decided to make her a better pen that she would love using every day.

Tom made his very first pen from the beautiful, long lasting materials Corian and brass on his father-in-law’s 1960s Original Myford Engineering lathe. Happily, Gemma loved her new pen and it turned out that others did too!

After six months of working weekends and evenings, still from his father-in-law’s garage, Tom left his full-time job as a graphic designer for tech start-ups and moved with Gemma from London to sunny Dorset where they had a little girl and started Tom's Studio. 

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Industry experts since 1856


A beautifully designed fountain pen with an incredible selection of nibs making it the only tool you’ll need to hand to ignite your creativity.


A truly versatile calligraphy pen, the Flourish is designed with ultimate comfort and reliability in mind. It's a refined writing instrument built to last a lifetime. The unique design fits nibs as large as a Nikko G, all the way down to smaller nibs like the Brause 66EF.


No More Calligrapher's Claw! Introducing, the new 'Carrot', designed for those who like a compact pen holder and a lovely curved body for improved grip and stability. It takes all the best features from the much loved curved Flourish and sprinkles in some new elements.


This little Pocket Pen by Tom's Studio packs quite a punch despite it’s diminutive size. Measuring 99mm when capped and a whopping 163mm with the cap posted and feels like a full size pen perfect for all hand sizes. Tom's Studio really know how to engineer clever designs that are made to stand the test of time. Available in five colourways.


A beautiful and balanced calligraphy pen designed to make your work blossom. Just like the Flourish range, the Bloom's unique Universal Flange makes changing and holding calligraphy nibs, big or small, an absolute breeze.


This innovative design with refillable reservoirs is incredibly versatile, the Japanese made tips of the pen can easily be changed to suit your drawing style and offers the ability to experiment with different drawing techniques like brush lettering, italic calligraphy, botanical drawing, architectural drawing, illustration, the list goes on! The pen body is designed to last, made from aluminium.