Visconti are a global giant in the world of pens. With a long standing tradition of innovation, Visconti delight pen enthusiasts year after year with an array of newness to add to the Visconti collection. 2023 is no exception! The Visconti Lotus-Garden is a perfect inspiration for this year’s Homo Sapiens Demonstrator collection launching this January with more product launches to come.

Visconti manufactures their revered pens in Florence. A city rich in history and known the world over as a place of art and culture. Visconti’s pens, leather and accessories celebrate Florentine culture and reflect the fashion and history of Italy in their luxurious pen models.

“Our collections are born out of the creativity and experience of our design team and master artisans. They take their inspiration from art, nature and life to create timeless pens with great personalities.” - Visconti -

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Industry experts since 1856


Visconti’s writing instruments are perhaps for which they are best known. Pushing the boundaries of innovation whilst combining rich history and long standing traditions; to create truly luxurious writing instruments for pen enthusiasts and collector’s alike.

Each pen is designed by an in-house team of pen experts. Capturing the brand values of Visconti with a creative flair and craftsmanship synonymous with Visconti. Combining the origins, history and inspiration is at the heart of every Visconti pen. The unmistakable ‘Ponte Vecchio’ clip is a beautiful addition to Visconti fountain pens depicting Florentine inspiration with beautiful detail and unwavering functionality.

Whether you are looking for a traditional fountain pen, rollerball pen or ballpoint pen – Visconti have them all. Visconti range out their fountain pen collections in a variation of nib widths to include; extra fine, fine, medium, broad and stub.  Each collection is carefully designed by Visconti with a price point reflective of the materials used, design and luxurious trim details. With Visconti it really is all in the detail. Contact our team



Lotus Garden is the latest model in the revered Homo Sapiens collection by Visconti. Lilac, white and green, the colors of the flower and its leaves, are accented by this year’s new black trim, which recalls the flower’s reflection in dark pond water, adding to its mystery.


Introducing Visconti's NEW Rembrandt-S line in the ever-collectable Rembrandt range with a show stopping design that not only combines innovative design with bold aesthetics, but also pays tribute to Rembrandt capturing his iconic use of chiaroscuro style.


Introducing Arizona Sunset from the revered Homo Sapiens collection by Visconti. Arizona depicts the stunning colours of the Arizona desert and the majestic landscape of the Grand Canyon.  


Inspired by the natural beauty of Antarctica, the new Visconti Master Demo has captivating colours, creating a frozen effect with its beautiful blue and white transparent body.


A fine writing instrument that follows the success of the black edition the previous year. Il Magnifico by Visconti embodies the essence of Visconti's Italian home and the Florentine Renaissance.


Fabrizio Caramagna once said 'black has more shades than any other colour.' It is of course true when you experience Visconti's beautiful black Divina Matte fountain pen by the iconic italian pen design house.


Demo Stones by Visconti is now available in five differnet colourways including; Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Purple Amesthyst and Mandarin Garnet have been added for 2022 newness. 


Dual Touch is a stunning pen from Visconti. The meeting of two materials that on paper shouldn't work! The barrel is made from Italian Palmellato leather contrasting with solid brass trims with a luxurious satin finish. 


Oiran is the new addition to Visconti's sought-after Visconti Van Gogh Collection, paying tribute to the artist's Japenese inspired Oiran painting of 1887. 


VSCT Leather

VSCT Collection is the name given to Visconti’s Leather Collection. The luxurious leather collection by Visconti is 100% made in Italy and of exceptional quality and elegant design.

Made from premium boarded cowhide leather as well as water resistant and scratchproof means the collection is highly durable. Designed with both aesthetic and functionality the Leather collection is a beautiful addition to any Visconti pen collection. A zip puller inspired by Visconti’s Gold Nibs, opens the cases to reveal carefully selected interiors that have been chosen for functionality and design that are easy-to-clean and house precious pens and objects.

“With the acronym VSCT, the brand aims to introduce a new concept of accessories characterised by high quality materials, modern shapes and colours, enhanced by the ‘V’ logo of the brand Visconti. VSCT handcrafted products combine excellence with a distinctive style, completing the world of Visconti writing instruments.” – Visconti -


Visconti's newest ink lines include the Glass Inkwell range for 2022 which followed the Van Gogh Cafe Terrace range the previous year. Try the ink well products with any number of Visconti's Piston Filler pens for a fun user experience that every pen enthusiast will enjoy.

Visconti Inks are extensive and are avilable in a wide range of colours, cartridges or as bottles that can be decanted using their inkwell travel system for writers on-the-move.

For Visconti Fountain Pen enthusiasts the diverse range of inks are fabulous for collectors of Visconti Fountain Pens.  

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