Brand new guise for Visconti in Rembrandt-S line

Introducing Visconti's NEW Rembrandt-S line (RRP from £185) in the ever-collectable Rembrandt range. Visconti has created a pen with a show stopping design that not only combines innovative design with bold aesthetics, but also pays tribute to Rembrandt, icon of the Dutch Golden Age, capturing his iconic use of chiaroscuro style.

The contrasting colours on the acrylic pen body are an eye-catching representation of how the artist captured the emotions of his subjects, honouring the work of the famous 17th century artist. The new metalwork in this collection is finished in ruthenium to accentuate the contrast with the colours of the resin, the four brand new colours being Orange, Blue, Bordeaux and Black which were often used by the artist. The ring, in particular, is finely decorated with a new engraving with a modern character. The star of this collection is the new large steel nib, finished in ruthenium and available in size Fine, Medium, Broad.

Of course, Visconti has fitted all the features that we know and love about the range including the cap is topped with a small finial pressed with the Visconti logo. A feature of all Visconti pens, this can be removed with a Visconti magnet and changed for your initials, Zodiac symbol or a precious stone. Decorating the cap is the fabled Visconti bridge clip, a reference to the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. Sprung for easy attachment to clothing and notebooks, the clip elegantly mirrors the pen’s form resulting in a streamlined design, exceptionally comfortable to use. A magnetised cap provides a satisfyingly smooth attachment to the barrel and effortless removal. Meanwhile a screw thread removes the section from the barrel when the pen needs to be refilled; cartridges or a convertor can be used. Even the A66 stainless steel nib honours the brand’s roots, elaborately engraved with the Visconti logo. A pen beautifully designed down to the last detail. It really is a wonder how Visconti continually create show-stopping designs!

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October 2022



Introducing Visconti's NEW Rembrandt-S line in the ever-collectable Rembrandt range, with a show stopping design that not only combines innovative design with bold aesthetics, but also pays tribute to Rembrandt.

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