Otto Hutt

For almost 100 years, Otto Hutt’s master craftsmen and experts in various process technologies have been producing writing instruments and accessories with the utmost care. The “Made in Germany” label stands for quality and sustainability.

Since the foundation of the company Otto Hutt writing instruments have always been by master craftsmen. Surrounded by inspiring landscape and rooted in the home of jewellery the home of jewellery making, the handcrafted manufacturing has a special meaning. This not only stands for excellent product quality, but also represents a promise to an entire region and is committed to producing precise writing instruments in harmony with nature.

For Otto Hutt, these factors are part of the philosophy, which is reflected in the 100-year history of the company history and will continue to be a unique selling proposition for the next 100 years. will be in the next 100 years. The production of the noble writing instruments is carried out exclusively at the company’s own site in the Black Forest, surrounded by nature, people and the unique precision and the unique precision of German craftsmanship.

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Industry experts since 1856


design01 restricts itself to the essentials. A guarantee of incomparable writing pleasure. Classical, discreet, timeless in design. Flawlessly executed with the finest materials.Puristic, yet with a strong optical depth effect. Multiple polished layers of varnish give these writing instruments their intense coloration and an unmistakable shine. Available as fountain pen, rollerball, twist ballpoint pen and twist pencil.


design02 combines classical styling idioms with traditional artisanal craftsmanship. Flawless quality that you can feel distinctive design. Polished sterling silver, guilloché, made by hand. An epochal expression of sensual charm. Inspired by an organic-minimalist aesthetic transformed into an incomparable writing instrument. Available as a fountain pen, rollerball pen, twist ballpoint pen, and twist pencil.


A legendary retro style meets sophisticated design. The offset Otto Hutt logo sets apart the simply yet brilliantly impressive detail and masterful execution. Available as a fountain pen, rollerball pen, retractable ballpoint pen, and mechanical pencil. The fountain pens have the option of being fitted with either steel or 18 ct gold nibs.


design04 is an homage to lineary aesthetics. Subtle design, subordinate to an uncompromising purpose. Compact dimensions ensure remarkable handling that is uncomparable. Technical sophistication and the highest quality materials. Based on an original design by Otto Hutt. Classical form reimagined for the future and finished by hand. Noble and easy-care brass forms the basic material. Available as fountain pen, rollerball, twist ballpoint pen and twist pencil, all versions with mechanical clip. The nibs for the fountain pens are available in steel or 18 ct gold.


design06 has a perfectly organic form. Its supple feel shows the way forward. A renowned original meets innovation. Proven quality meets elegance. New contours and surfaces milled with special diamond tools. Merged into an overwhelmingly natural composition. Available as a fountain pen, rollerball pen and twist ballpoint pen, all designs fitted with a mechanical spring clip. The fountain pens have the option of being fitted with either steel or 18 ct gold nibs.


design07 is the very essence of artistic perfection. Form and functionality are combined in an energetic body. A bow to the beauty of clean shapes. Strong and elegant. The unmistakeable idea of top-class character outshines the rest. With a characteristic spring clip, masterfully developed into a consummate design. Available as fountain pen in M, F, B and EF with 18 ct XL gold nib, as well as rollerball and ballpoint pen.


design08 is the new creation of the designer Mark Braun. On behalf of Otto Hutt, he has developed a fountain pen that sets its own quality standards in terms of development, design, production and function. design08 embodies an attitude where expert craftsmanship and high-tech claim their place in our everyday culture, our way of life.


designC unites a familiar language, which can be found in many Otto Hutt writing instruments, with pioneering influences. Driven by shape and timeless, it interprets the Bauhaus philosophy in an unconventional way.