Chameleon design and produce a family of professional quality, innovative art tools that unlock the world of colour. Chameleon pens and pencils are of beautiful quality that have blending properties to create near limitless colours and gradients.

Wow and delight with Chameleon's patented technology.  Chameleon Colour and Blending System offers artists and hobbyists a range of colours 'like no other.' Colours can be explored like never before with Chameleon Pencils. A double ended range for harmoised colours and gradients. Find out more.

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Chameleon's Colour & Blending System is quite unique. Create stunning effects with smooth tranitions with Chameleon's Colour & Blending. Highlighting, 3D effects, shading, blending and colour changing graduations can all be achieved with these sets. Additional colour tops are available for extensive colour options. 

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With a patented dual ink system there is ink in the pen barrell and the caps. Just hopping the caps from pen-to-pen allows for instant blend of colours. There are 48 Chameleon Fineliner pens, resulting in 1128 colour combinations by just swapping the caps around. The fine point 0.3mm metal clad fine tips results in a super smooth writing performance in a rainbow of colour options. With waterbased dry safe ink these fineliners are a perfect choice for everyday writing, bulletjournalling (BuJo) sketching, colouring, layering and more. 

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These Chameleon colour matched pencils offer something a little different - meaning no more searching through hundreds of pencils for similar or complementary colours. Expertly paired for perfect colour blends. Simply 'Flip' to blend. Change the colour tone with varying levels of pressure, mix the colours to blend and layer intense colours to create interesting shades. These break resistant pencils by Chameleon are highly pigmented for a dense laydown of colour and a beautifully smooth consistency. 

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