Our Products

Our Products

Calligraphy pens, wax sealing sets, markers and gift sets for those who love writing, Manuscript have a material to suit every creative.

Whether you rarely put pen to paper or can't get away from your drawing board, we've got a pen, a pencil or a piece of stationery for you.

The home of creativity, combining generations of know-how with modern artistic flair, Manuscript has the broadest, most colourful and most trusted products on the market!

Industry experts since 1856


Whether you're putting pen to paper or dipping a quill into an ink well, we've got a calligraphy pen for every occasion.

Looking for the ideal tool for creating your own wedding invitations? Want a piece of artwork that will stand the test of time? Just looking for a pen to create beautiful artwork?

No matter you needs, if it's calligraphy you're creating, we've got you covered.

Hand Lettering

Bold colour and an eye for detail, Hand lettering is quickly becoming our favourite way to make a mark!

Our unique Callicreative range has italic markers, fineliners and brush pens, perfect for writing on any material and making your writing stand out from the crowd.

We've also got a selection of classic pens to improve handwriting of youngsters and those more experienced, including the colourful Manuscript Clarity!

Wax and Sealing

Nothing completes the perfectly wrapped present or lovingly written letter than a wax seal, making sharing gifts that extra bit special.

With a selection of colours and stamps, we've got styles to make every occasion a little bit more special.

Historical gifts

Know somebody who has got everything or just looking for the ultimate calligraphy collection?

We've got a beautiful selection of our historic calligraphy sets, presentation sets and extra special collections to give your loved-one, best friend or colleague a present they'll never forget.

White Markers

White Markers

Simple but effective. Bringing black to life, these Callicreative White Markers are bold!


Callicreative Markers

A spectrum of shades for every style. Whether its fine or broad, we have it in every colour. Make your calligraphy sparkle and shine with a selection of italic markers in metallic shades - these pens are gold standard!

Flexi Markers

Callicreative Flexi Markers

Make your own mark with these Callicreative Flexi Markers - the flexibility of a brush combined with the precision of an italic tip! Flexible creativity for putting your style into every design!


Sealing Sets

Add a touch of class to each and every letter with our selection of sealing sets, all containing wax, a stamp and a coin of your choice!


Initial Sets

From Adam to Zac, we've got wax seals for every letter of the alphabet!


Monogram & Sealing Sets

A selection of gorgeous sets for gorgeous wax sealing!


Calligraphy Gift Sets

An extra special gift, hand-crafted by Manuscript. Suitable for every calligraphy style, crafty creative or keen writer!


Calligraphy Artist Set

Designed for calligraphers, artists and art lovers alike. The ideal gift or personal artist accessory. 12 carefully selected nibs, 2 pen holders and a selection of inks are finely finished in a wooden box.


Writing Gift Sets

Beautifully presented in a wooden case, its the ideal gift for every discerning scribe.


Italic Markers

Combining the traditional with the innovative, make your artwork last with our selection of markers available in varying widths. Whether its right-handed or left-handed, we are handling it.

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