Ink Convertors

Want to know how to get ink from a traditional cartridge into your new pen via a converter?

It couldn’t be simpler, follow these three simple steps for either the piston action or the screw action convertors to ensure that your creative juices don’t have to stop flowing – just like your ink!

How to load an ink cartridge

1. Firmly push cartridge into front end section

How to use ink cartridges

2. Load a second cartridge into the barrel

3. Screw the front end section back into the barrel

screw the front end section

And there you have it, a cartrigde in your pen ready to use!

load pen

Don't forget to gently tap your pen to get the ink flowing.

tap your pen


How to use an ink convertor - Pistol action

 1. Push ink converter into the front end section

push in ink converter to front end section

  2. Draw up the ink

drawing up ink


3. Screw the section back into the barrel

screw the front end section and barrel

How to use an ink convertor - Twist action

twist ink convertor

1. Insert the converter into the nib section

2. Dip the nib into the bottled ink and twist the plunger to draw the ink

3. Replace the pen barrel leaving the converter in place


And now ENJOY the pen!

Please contact us for any additional information on the use of our pens.

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