Wedding Calligraphy with Rosalinda Dicara

Wedding Calligraphy with Rosalinda Dicara

Wedding calligrapher, Rosalinda Dicara hails from Italy. She founded her artistic lab, called Invito di Classe, in 2010  in the beautiful coastal city of Pescara. We were delighted to find out when her passion for creativity started…

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We have spotted another interesting calligrapher from Italy, Rosalinda Dicara. She founded her artistic lab, called Invito di Classe, in 2010  in the beautiful coastal city of Pescara.


We are delighted to find out when her passion for creativity started…

I’ve always loved art and drawing, when I was a little girl I was always spending my time creating, inventing and assembling every kind of material .I was nine when  visiting Italian and French cathedrals I found out  I had a strong passion for art, architecture and painting.For me, colors and brushes were an enchanted world; my wonderland.So throughout my life I followed an artistic path, studying in art schools : firstly I attended Art high school in Pescara and then the architecture university based in Venice.Admiring the great paintings and sculpture collections of every time, particularly miniatures made by medieval masters  and the beauty of paintings from the 1500’s, I found I was attracted by the fine details of the pieces.


When did you discover calligraphy?

Calligraphy has always been an important aspect in my work and I was attracted  by this graphic language. I really appreciated beautifully written and decorated texts. Colours and gilding, geometrical and naturalistic shapes contributed altogether to shape perfect signs full of meaning.Trying to reproduce calligraphic styles of many decades  made me soon understand the difficulty of each style and technique as well as that there was nothing impromptu in those austere forms.  On the contrary I realized how much patience and research is used to create a calligraphic style.So I looked for calligraphy masters of our times and after a scrupulous research I found ACI ( Italian calligraphic association of Milan). Through ACI  I  met many companions who I found out to be very professional, competent and above all ready to share their great passion and experience.


Where is your artistic focus today?

Today I dedicate my time to Calligraphy and to the Wedding Design.I am always willing to share my research with people who appreciate this form of art and want to highlight their weddings or other events.I do believe in calligraphy language for what it communicates. Handwriting carries an integral beauty, purity of forms.Those shades made by ink can then be easily imprinted onto paper using  any digital device.Calligraphy instruments (colors, pens, brushes etc..) give me the possibility to try new compositions and to create something new and original.These days, my work is focused on the creation of events invitations (weddings, confirmations baptisms and so on), table plans, table cards all written with different calligraphic styles, using different pens with different nibs, flat, thin, round shaped. I keep seeking new expressive forms of calligraphy together with my colleagues.

She made beautiful calligraphy artworks using Manuscript’s dip nibs, inks and wax sealing products. Have a look at the video and the images here below!

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