Featured Artist

Featured Artist

Discover the exciting talent making their mark. Whether its calligraphy, lettering, drawing or illustration, our Featured Artist section showcases the best of creativity. Learn more about artists and discover how their creative journey began.

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Calligraphy Master Sachin Shah

Meet Sachin Shah, Manuscript’s latest Featured Artist. Hailing from Mumbai, India; an Engineer by day Sachin’s unique calligraphy and lettering style caught our eye on Instagram and we loved it so much we used it on our packaging.

Fine Calligraphy & Lettering with Angelo Meola

Meet Angelo Meola, Manuscript’s January Featured Artist. With a passion for fine calligraphy and lettering, check out the interview to find out all about Angelo and where his love for calligraphy and lettering came from.

Copperplate Calligraphy with Kirby Leung

We got in touch with our customer, owner of a successful stationery shop and family business Pyaar in Hong Kong, Kirby Leung for this month’s featured artist piece. We hope you enjoy the below interview and calligraphy as much as we have.

Calligram Calligraphy with Avinash Kharat

We first found calligrapher Avinash Kharat on his instagram profile (avinash_calligraphy) when planning World Calligraphy Day. From there, we quickly fell in love Avinash’s amazingly creative work and his ability to use so many different styles of calligraphy combined with illustration.

Calligraphy & illustration WITH NOELLE SMITH

After seeing Noelle Smith’s work on Instagram, we wanted to share some of her work with you and get to know a little more about the artist herself.

modern calligraphy WITH Imogen OWEN

Take a look for an inspiring read into how Imogen’s career in modern calligraphy started out and discover all her useful tips and advice for people just starting off on their calligraphy path and for the budding professionals out there.

The Penman David Grimes

After a first contact regarding the Callicreative App we have had the chance to get to know David Grimes, talented ‘Penman’ from Portland, Oregon. Read about how he has found his passion and his space in penmanship (and on social media). Lots of tips for all the budding calligraphers and artists out there. Enjoy...

Pointed pen calligraphy with Melissa Esplin

The passion for creativity is well represented by our featured artist, Melissa Esplin, a calligrapher and teacher based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Arabic Calligraphy With Hatem Arafa

Our calligraphy journey brings us to Turkey, where the young Egyptian artist, Hatem Arafa lives and works, conveying a very interesting artistic view and experience of Arabic Calligraphy.

Life as an Illustrator with Kate Daubney

It’s holiday time and it’s the perfect period to take out your sketch pad and put your imagination on paper or, as in the case of the illustrator Kate Daubney, give life to animals and characters with a dip pen at hand and a coffee nearby.

Irish Calligraphy with Kiso-Arts

We are explore Irish Calligraphy thanks to a very inspiring artist, Janet of Kisoarts.From the green fields of Northern Ireland Janet is happy to share with us her experience of being an artist and calligrapher.

Modern Calligraphy with Lucy Edmonds

Having had the opportunity to work with Lucy Edmonds for a number of demonstrations at Paperchase during National Stationery Week , we wanted to know more about her and Quill London, a fashionable stationery store and calligraphy lab in Amwell Street…

A modern Calligraphy journey with Artsynibs

Intrigued by the big trend in Modern Calligraphy on the social media and in particular on Instagram we have reached out to Joyce of Artsynibs, teacher and artist based in Manchester.

Irreverent illustration with Inkymole

You have probably already seen some captivating illustrations from Sarah J. Coleman of Inkymole on Harper Lee’s ‘Go Set a Watchman’. Such brilliant drawing is the result of total dedication to the organic line coming from nibs and ink.

Wedding Calligraphy with Rosalinda Dicara

Wedding calligrapher, Rosalinda Dicara hails from Italy. She founded her artistic lab, called Invito di Classe, in 2010  in the beautiful coastal city of Pescara. We were delighted to find out when her passion for creativity started…

Contemporary Calligraphy with Sandro Bonomo

It is with great pleasure that we feature the career and art of Sandro Bonomo, a young and diverse calligrapher, from Italy. Sandro approached us and told us that he likes using our products. We asked him to send us some of his work and we were struck by the energy and vitality of his art. We are sure you will also appreciate it as much as we did.

Charlart Script's Calligraphy Journey

Meet our latest Featured Artist, the social media sensation, Charlart Script. Find out all about her exciting journey into the world of calligraphy in our interview below.

Mandy Wan's Modern Calligraphy

Meet our first Featured Artist of 2019, Canadian Modern Calligrapher, Mandy Wan. Find out all about her exciting journey into the world of calligraphy in our interview below.

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